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One of the most hated housekeeping jobs in America is cleaning tile and grout. The reason for this is simple – the harder you scrub, and the more detergent you use, the blacker and grimier your grout lines become!  If this sounds like your situation, stop the backbreaking scrubbing and scouring, and simply call us – Boise Carpet Cleaning offers amazing results with our professional and very affordable tile and grout cleaning service.

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Everywhere we look, we see tile and grout. It is rampant in residential and commercial buildings alike. We find it on flooring, kitchens, counter-tops, bathrooms, and public areas everywhere. When newly installed and correctly cleaned, tile and grout is beautiful and very functional too. The problem begins when the grout becomes hard to clean.

Q: I cleaned my tile just fine, but I am having trouble getting the adjoining grout, clean. In fact, the more I scrub, the more stained and grimy it looks. It even smells now! What am I doing wrong?

A: Don't beat yourself up – it's not your fault! Your ceramic tile is easy to clean because it still retains its glaze finish. This acts as a sealant against dirt and scum. If your grout is hard to clean and starting to smell, it is because the sealant it originally had, has worn off.

Since grout is by nature, very porous, it is absorbing everything that it comes into contact with. These substances can include spilled liquids,  alcohol, juice, urine, blood, dirty water, detergents, soap scum, food particles, household dust, coffee, and many more items that commonly have contact with floors.

Q: So what does Boise Carpet Cleaning do to get my grout clean again?

A: Our well-trained and very successful grout technicians have this process down to a science. We use a combination of advanced cleaning methods and techniques, eco-friendly cleansers, and good old hard work to get your grout clean and fresh again. We then re-seal it for long lasting appeal, and ease of maintenance for you.

So don't fight tooth and nail with your tile and grout – call the professional grout technicians here at Boise Carpet Cleaning instead, and let us do all the work. Life with out dirty grout can be really nice – call us, and let us show you!

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